Triumph Of The Will

Black Metal
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my body tells me when I’m tired by forcing me to grind my teeth.

it’s unpleasant.

I’ve seriously spent my past two days off sleeping and watching Parks and Recreation.

of course.

The only place in the house that leaks.

is the area directly over where my head is while I sleep.



I hate going to sleep.

But usually when I wake up.

I wish I could sleep forever.

Dream Time.

Had a dream that started out in some carnival.
Dunno what that part was about. Was weird. It was located where my old high school is.
Can’t remember much details about that part.

Later in the dream I was at some party. It was less of a party and more like a family Christmas get together or something.

I was talking shit about The Big Bang Theory, and all of a sudden the cast was behind me.

Which made it funnier.

But then I was naked…and was like “I really need to go the car to get my clothes”

But then I woke up.


Went to sleep at around 4 pm today.

Tried to sleep til tomorrow.

Didn’t really work out.

Bleep Bloop

Every morning afternoon after I wake up I blast electronic music into my face.

It’s the only way to force myself out of bed.

And to warn whoever else is in the house that I am still alive.