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Inspiration Strikes

Was going to go to sleep before my meeting at work tomorrow morning(technically not tomorrow at this point).
But I all of a sudden had the urge to start filling out details on 138FX’s indiegogo campaign.
Hm, my awful job inspired me to get the ball rolling on my career, surprise surprise.
It’s not up yet, but you can be sure to expect a link sometime soon.

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Finally home from work.
Now I get to sleep away the rest of christmas!
Hope everyone enjoyed themselves more than I did, I’m just so beatttt and I would have rather been at home reading than at work.
Oh well.
Gotta get dat money.

to waste on masks and such

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gotta be at work at 6 in the morning.


Ha ha.

Tomorrow was supposed to be my day off, too.

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i somehow slept through my alarm.

But I’m not sick anymore!

Just panicked that I’d be late for work. Psssshhhtt.

No way.

Pro as fuck.

Still got like 20 minutes to spare.

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a customer came into work earlier.

And, in a weird attempt at a joke…said as he bought a bottle of beer…

"If you ask me for an ID I’m gonna blow your head off."

I replied with

"Good. I don’t need it anyways."

His face turned into kind of a shock and he was just like “Don’t say that, of course you do!”


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A customer handed this to me today.
And said “this is for you to keep, my brother.”
lawlz. He could smell the devil on me.

A customer handed this to me today.

And said “this is for you to keep, my brother.”


He could smell the devil on me.

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so. here’s what’s about to happen.

Work at midnight, as usual.

I get off at 5 instead of 8.

Come home.

Go to a doctor’s appointment at 8.

Come home.

Go to a meeting around 11.


So guess what.

I didn’t get off at 5.

I got off at 8.

Rushed to the appointment, only to find out it was cancelled, without letting me know.

Still got the meeting to go to though. Fucking balls.

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gotta go to work in a little bit.

I don’t wanna.

I just wanna go back to bed.


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Holy balls.

Me and one of my biggest inspirations, a musical hero of mine, were talking about work stuff.

And I brought up how I was sitting on some DEVO covers that I never released.

And he was like “You should release them. I’ll guest on a track.”


I’m so fucking excited right now.




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